Last of the Dragon

Monday, October 03, 2011


Recently i'm having this sudden interest in Palmistry. Bought a couple of books (2 to be exact) to understand what those lines on my hand are trying to tell me. Who knows may i can be the next Master Long...hehehehe..

My hands are pretty hard to read though. There are a lot of fine lines runing here and there and some lines are missing. I'm trying to understand the events that i'm going through in my life now, and whether it is reflected in my hand lines, be it in relationship, carreer & where i'm heading in life.

Can't wait to start praticisng my amatuer skill on family and friends. Think i need to a more advance book. Cos i discover that there are some unique lines in that doesn't seem to have explanation in these 2 books.

Ultimately, remember that you determine your own fate. Your lines are there to show you the potential things/event that may happen if you continue with your current way of life.

Ramblings in between

I'm now enjoying a bit of life. The life of a tai tai so to speak. Not working, well temporary. but the days seem to pass even faster compared to if i was working.
Daily routine:
10am - wake up (set my alarm at 9am but i was to lazy to wake up)
10.30am - read newspaper
12noon - had simple lunch (sometimes i will meet up with friends or sometimes i will cook simple meals at home)
1pm - check emails & facebook
3pm - watch some movies
6pm - wait for prince charming to come back

Occassionally i will cook. and every alternate day i will wash and hang clothes.
Life is bliss for now until my next job comes along.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

home sweet home

After spending almost 2 yrs to convince yours truly and spend the next 6mths searching for a house, finally we found it. Sealed the deal in March 2010
Criteria for the house:
1) must be in PJ
2) Landed property
3) Budget: RM 420k

1) must be in PJ - met
2) Landed property - met
3) Budget: RM 420k - exceeded criteria

this hse cost me RM 500k and it's consider one of the cheapest at that time.
we spent another RM 100k to renovate ot back to good condition and furnished it.
can't wait to move in.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

bad beginnings

My new job in L hasn't been exactly smooth sailing either.

My new boss which join a mth later than me is the worst (worst that in H). She's a real tai chi master, doesn't know her stuff, rude, grumpy and has a face like pao.

During working hours, she will be walking here and there, talking to ppl, forever asking ppl whether there's food to eat, and never works late cos she has nothing to do. Left and right hand also cacat cos she need to send back the file to me to remove a 'star' from the chart. gawddd.....such laziness

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I’m finally resigning.....there are 2 main reasons for that.
Firstly, favouritism to the blue-eyed boy (yea, i’ve complain about him before for good at tai chi’ing). How come he has a laptop and i don’t have? How come he doesn’t get as many projects as i do? Why his plan was never questioned? Is his plan better? I doubt so. Just becos he handles the bigger brands which comprises 55% of the company’s biz. I’m tired of proving myself . cos i know i’m definitely much BETTER than him.

Secondly, a boss which is too scared to provoke his own boss in the fear that he will not be favoured. So he rather play along and be his good right hand man. Eg1. We were told to plan our leave so i plan my honeymoon 6 mths earlier. My honeymoon was forced to delayed becos his boss was not sure which date is his meeting was. Imagine the hassle that i had to go through to get the next date for my honeymoon.
Eg2. My last notice date. The new company is willing to buy me out and yet my absent minded boss forgot to tell his boss about it. And he didn’t want to trouble himself to go into his room again in case this may infuriate his boss. Thus he decided that he will get an early release for me. But he made it as though he is doing me a BIG favour by allowing me for my early release. So he put in conditions like “if you finish this job and this job, i will tell boss that you have completed your job and is alright for you to leave earlier”. oh, and to cover for his absent-mindedness, he said “if your new company is sincere, they will offer you earlier so that you can tender earlier and get to leave the company within the notice period.” I found out later that his boss is ok for me to leave earlier and the decision on my last date lies with my boss . What an ASSHOLE

Friday, October 23, 2009

Novel part 1

A lady lie in bed with tears rolling down my cheek, wonder why this man has changed. There are no longer laughter and humour in the house and in replace, frequent shouting and words battering. Other than that, pure silence in the house.

A man who is not willing to utter the word ‘I’m sorry’. A lady who thinks her husband is too arrogant to hug her and say let things be by-gones .

She lie in the bed thinking whether she has made a mistake in marrying this man.

What does the future holds for her with this man?

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Meet Pink Nose & Moey

Meet Moey (right)& Pink Nose (left). This pic was taken when we celebrate a bday for a coll. She owns Pink nose and i own Moey. So we all celebrate her bday together-gether.

Pink nose was named bcos......well the bunny has a pink nose.

Moey was supposed to be Slow Mo cos it's a snail but i couldn't get the name registered in the website as it has been used. Hence, Moey

Sunday, May 03, 2009

my new toy

Just bought my first GPS (Garmin Nuvi 255W) for RM 1150. My sense of direction has always been "non-existant", except for going to work and back

Been doing some research on which company to buy from. Did found a website which sold the same model for RM 1070 but i was a bit worried on the warranty as they did not state it in their website. Lefta message there but i gues it was a weekend and nobody worked

So determine to test the unit before purchasing it, i went to Digital Mall in Sec 14. Wasn't too difficult to find the Garmin shop, located on the right hand side of the main entrance. This shop claims to be the only Authourized Distributor by Garmin. Was quite happy with the unit even though it is more expensive by RM 80 so hubby said 'buy" (bday present from hubby).

Reached home eagerly to tear open the box. Surprisingly there was no warranty card. Maybe just need to register ito online. The manual were too simple. No instructions on how long you need to charge the unit. Tried looking for the simulation function but didn't know how. Realize that the sales person attending to me failed to explain some of the functions to me and i being too impulsive have forgotten to ask him. Anyway, will ask him when i collect my free casing next week from him.

Tested the GPS today with Rolly Polly to look for a food place recommended in Food-4-Thot blog. the unit bring us there alright though it has a wierd slang which need some time to get use. eg Kepong pronounced as Keh Pong

Will test it again on next week when i'm going to KL